One of the largest gaming spaces in Metro Detroit

Downtown Berkley

3961 Twelve Mile Rd., Berkley, MI 48072

One of the largest gaming spaces in Metro Detroit

Building Community Through Games.

Timothy has been playing role-playing games since the late 1970s. Starting in his basement with his friends and using bits of paper in small cups to generate numbers until they bought their first dice set, Tim and his friends spent a great many hours exploring the dungeons of Gary Gygax and his ADAD modules. Later, he would branch out to miniature games, board games, and numerous card games–all of which he would play with his family and friends. 

Tim has continuously been running, playing, and organizing games and game nights for more than 40 years. It’s safe to say that gaming has been a significant part of Tim’s life since he received his first gift of rulebooks from his parents for his tenth birthday, oh so long ago. He even met his wife, Kris, in a Dungeons and Dragons game!

Together with his wife, they opened Gate Keeper Games in 2015 in a small storefront in the center of Berkley, MI. Three years in that spot showed them that there was a large interest in all sorts of gaming, as well as a desire for a nice, friendly place to play in the area. Purchasing and moving to what used to be the Doll Hospital and Toy Soldier Shop, a landmark building in Berkley, Tim now runs the largest gaming spaces in the area.

Including a bar and play space larger than most game stores, Gate Keeper Games and Tim look forward to many years of bringing people together for games and fun.